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Hi there and welcome to our restaurant! I am Shelly and this is my sister Julie; we are the co-founders of Julie Goes Green. Here’s a brief blurb of our story:

My sister, Julie, has been in the restaurant industry for nearly two decades now and has successfully created and managed three different restaurants, with Julie Goes Green being her first all-green restaurant. Both Julie and I have been on a plant-based diet for the last 20+ years, and our compassion for nature and animals is the primary reason for our choice of lifestyle. Ever since Julie has been in the restaurant industry, we’ve talked about opening our own green restaurant, so pioneering Julie Goes Green has been a shared dream of ours.

Now that you have a better picture of our origin story, let me tell you how YOU, our dearest customer, fits into all this. Since this is both an environmentally conscious shop and a family tenure, we thought it was only appropriate to have both those traits represented in our restaurant. IN addition to not serving any animal products, we try to be more environmentally friendly by using biodegradable containers for our food items, and most of our internal decor is composed of recycled material. Moreover, we don’t carry any plastic bottled drinks or use any paper plates because we believe in working-towards a sustainable green future. We hope that doing all this will inspire others to go green and lead more Eco-friendly lifestyles.

You might have noticed by now that our interior setup contains no private table. This is because we want to create a sense of community among our customers- we do things family style here! We believe we should share our compassion for the world and each other the same way we share this planet. Despite the advancement of modern technology and its ability to connect people to each other from around the world, it can also be a means of isolation to the people in your proximity. This is why we have provided a few suggestions below that may help you strike up a conversation with your dining neighbor. Please feel free to engage with any and everybody i this shop – we are all one big family here. Enjoy!

So many options!! Appetizers, salads, pastas, pizzas, entrees-all vegan!! I had the harvest salad and California green pizza. The cashew cheese is to die for!! The atmosphere is cozy and owner/employees happily chat. Their passion for conservation and environmental mindfulness is apparent.

So HAPPY Julie went green!!! A family business for over 15 years that recently went green. great Italian food and very unique. The pizza was great the buffalo cauliflower was nice and crispy, and the fettuccine Alfredo was super creamy. Highly recommend!

I have had the vegan pizza, the shrimp scampi and the chicken Parmesan and they’re all incredible. I’m looking forward to trying more and more of the menu! Thank you Julie for going green! Amazing!!

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