Julie Goes Green

Italian Food

Welcome to Julie Goes Green

Hi there and welcome to our restaurant! I am Shelly and this is my sister Julie; we are the co-founders of Julie Goes Green.
  • Family style seating (no individualized seating)
  • Warmth / family
  • People are not distant from each other
  • Love our Mother Earth
  • Citizens Share the planet
  • Fun-connecting
  • Customized personal experience

Our Philosophy

We believe we should share our compassion for the world and each other the same way we share this planet. Therefore we strive to provide you with an environmentally and conscious experiece while providing a great experience. 

Make It a salad

Make it a Pizza

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11140 Palms Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


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(310) 398-4620



Open Hours

Mon-Sun: 11am - 10pm